The Role Of Preservatives In Mineral Makeup

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The Role Of Preservatives In Mineral Makeup

The Role of Preservatives In Mineral Makeup 

If you read the ingredients on any regular makeup packaging you will nearly always see one or more preservatives listed towards the end.

So, why the need to include all these preservatives?

The answer to this much asked question is – nearly all regular makeup contains either water or oil or in some cases both, so a preservative or an antioxidant or again both are essential, otherwise it would only have a shelf life of a few days.

If a product has been formulated with only natural inorganic powders and is bone dry, then it does not need a preservative. Preservatives must be added to any product that contains water and an antioxidant to any product that contains oil, this goes for all cosmetics right across the board. Bacteria needs water to grow and without preservatives any substance containing water quickly becomes a paradise for microbes – bacteria, yeast, fungi and moulds.

Mineral makeup is formulated from 100% inorganic minerals like titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, mica and iron oxide, so it does not require any preservatives when used in dry powder form. Dry inorganic powders can not harbour bacteria.

If you decide to formulate some or all of your mineral makeup in pressed form, then you will need to use a pressing medium. The pressing medium binds all the powders together so that it can be pressed into a godet (a flat tin) for use in an eye shadow palette or powder compact. The addition of the pressing medium then requires that a preservative be added to it.

Our U-Makeitup pressing medium is a blend of medium viscosity Silicone Esters. When mixed with mineral powders it will not only bind them to allow them to be pressed but once this has taken place because of the nature of our binding fluid, the surface of the pressed tablet will have a soft velvety feel. This will give your pressed eyeshadows, foundation or blusher that really smooth, silky professional touch when applied.

Preservative has already been added which will ensure that your pressed powders remain in good condition and have a shelf life of at least 1 year.