Mineral Makeup vs Regular Makeup/U-Makeitup

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Mineral Makeup vs Regular Makeup

Mineral makeup is unlike regular cosmetic makeup. In its purest form it should be formulated with inorganic pigments that will not only nourish your skin but also protect it to some extent from the harmful rays of the sun. These pigments are inert therefore unable to support bacteria and have a very long shelf life; loose powder mineral makeup formulated with inorganic pigments does not require the addition of any preservatives. Only pressed mineral products require some preservative.

Regular makeup often contains comedogenic (pore blocking) ingredients as well as FD&C, D&C, Lakes and dyes. These can cause problems, especially for those with sensitive skin. The inorganic pigments used in mineral makeup are non-comedogenic. Some are also anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial, so those prone to acne and rosacea will benefit enormously from its use, often reporting an improvement in their skin. Many Dermatologists and Surgeons recommend the use of mineral makeup because it is not only natural but also very gentle and healing for those that suffer from skin complaints.

Regular makeup is normally applied with a sponge and sits on top of the skin and can give the skin that ‘cakey’ look as well as blocking pores. The application of mineral makeup is different in that rather than being spread across the surface it is buffed into the skin using a Kabuki brush. Applied properly it should never look ‘cakey’ but give off a natural, sheer, radiance and your skin should have a diffused almost flawless look to it due to the light reflecting ingredients.

Regular makeup needs to be reapplied during the day, as the environment that we live and work in diminishes it as the day goes on. Due to the nature of the natural ingredients used in mineral makeup it is water resistant, bonds with the skin and is very long lasting (no need to reapply regularly).

Mineral makeup feels amazingly light to wear and can be formulated to be sheer or full coverage depending on the ingredients used and in what ratios. If you have the right formula, touching up that T zone should be a thing of the past due to the oil absorbing ingredients used. You will also notice that your skin takes on a clearer, more youthful appearance as the light is reflected and refracted away from those laughter and expression lines - if you have any that is!

Finally, if all the above advantages of mineral makeup aren’t enough, last but certainly not least is the advantage that you can actually make it yourself for a fraction of the cost – what more could you ask for!