Loose Powder vs Pressed

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Loose Powder vs Pressed

If you have never formulated before you might be surprised to learn that most items of makeup that you buy in the shops can be formulated at home by you but let's not stop there. You can even choose what you formulate them into - Loose or Pressed Makeup.

  • Loose Powder Mineral Makeup - is formulated to be light and fluffy, these loose powders are buffed into the skin with long bristled brushes designed especially for the job. The powders used are typically inorganic and are kept loose to be as close to their original state as possible without the need for preservatives.
  • Pressed Mineral Makeup - at its purest is also formulated from inorganic powders but will then need a pressing medium added to bind the powders. Once a liquid of any description is added to mineral powders, the addition of a preservative is required. It will then be pressed into a compact or palette for use with a cosmetic sponge rather than a brush. It's a good choice for those evenings out, being a slimmer option for your evening bag.

Foundations, blushers, bronzers, eyeshadows, correctors and concealers can all be  made in pressed or loose form.

The list of cosmetics that can be made by you, either pressed or loose is limited only by your imagination and the time that you have available.

Whatever your choice, Loose, Pressed or maybe both, one thing is for sure they are both infinitely more natural, healthier and  economical options to any regular shop bought makeup.