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How Hard Is It To Make Your Own Mineral Makeup?

Armed with all the right ingredients and tools coupled with some basic knowledge/guidance, it is very easy to make all your own natural cosmetics.

We are here to provide you with all the right ingredients, tools and guidance. All you need to do is gain the basic knowledge. So let’s get started and jump right in.

All mineral makeup formulations consist of two separate parts, the base and the colour. The base is made first and then the colour is added.

The Base:

To make a base that’s absolutely perfect for your skin type the basic knowledge you need is:-

1. Know your skin type.

  • For guidance please see ‘How To Discover My Skin Type’

2. An understanding of what all the various base powders do.

  • For guidance please see 'Choosing The Powders That Suit My Skin'

Having chosen the best powders suitable for your skin type, you now need some basic knowledge on:-

1. Knowing which of your chosen powders can be used in the product you have decided to make.

2. Knowing how much of each of these powders you should use in your overall base recipe.

  • For guidance on this please see the ‘Formulating Guidance Chart’

So, now that you have all the basic knowledge needed to make bases perfectly suited to you, spend a little time experimenting to determine in what ratios you would like to use them. As an example, if your project is a high cover foundation, you will want to choose a high cover powder to include in your recipe to give you that coverage or if you want to make a sheer pink blusher you will want to use powders that are translucent. 

Always write down all of your recipes and make notes on any readjusting that you do. It will really help you in the future when you are reformulating if you can refer back to these notes. As you nail the perfect base recipe for each type of product you want to make your recipe book will soon fill up.

The Colour

You will add the colour to your base using either a single coloured mica, a combination mix of coloured micas or a combination blend of iron oxides. Your chosen colour ingredient will depend on the product you are making.

Please see ‘Which Colour Ingredients For Which Products’

Some projects like making your own foundations require a little more patience than say a blusher which can be made very quickly and where would we be without that beloved item no girl should be without - yes her lipstick, an easy one too (kits coming soon). Of course the easiest project by far is the the mineral veil.

 Experimenting is the really fun part of making your own mineral makeup and I would love to hear from you with some feedback on your projects. If you have any questions just send me an email or use the message box on our ‘Contact Us’ page.

So that’s it and with a little bit of practice you will soon be filling your makeup bag with all sorts of goodies that you have formulated yourself. They will be healthier for you, be of the highest quality and cost a fraction of any commercial labelled product. Then you will, quite rightly, be extremely proud of yourself!!

Happy formulating,