Applying Loose Powder Mineral Eyeshadow |

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Applying Loose Powder Mineral Eyeshadow

Loose powder mineral eyeshadow can be applied dry or damp.

Dry application: Put a little into the lid of your pot, swirl your brush around to pick up the colour and then tap off any excess. Dab on to your eyelid until completely covered and then smooth gently - this method produces a shimmery, subtle colour. The colour can be built up in layers using a good quality flat angled eyeshadow brush. The main benefit of using dry is that the blending of other colours is much easier.

Damp application: Wet your brush and then soak up any excess water with some kitchen roll. Put a little into the lid of your pot, load the brush and tap off any excess. Swipe across your eyelid - this method produces a more intense colour, higher coverage, higher adhesion and is a lot neater. Most definitely my preferred choice!

Important note: Never put a damp brush into any loose powders or their containers, always scoop a little out first and then use. Please see our 'useful info' section - 'The Role of Preservatives in Mineral Makeup'. This will help you to understand the effect water or oils can have in mineral powders.