How To Clean Your Makeup Brushes

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How To Clean Your Makeup Brushes

Deep Clean - Once A Week

Brushes used for foundation, bronzer, veils and blushers should be cleaned once a week.

Inorganic pigments can not support bacteria but brushes can. Dead skin, bacteria, oil and dirt will collect on our makeup brushes, which will then be transferred to our skin. It is all too easy to forget that we use our brushes every day to apply our makeup, yet how often do we clean them - probably not enough. So next time you have a few pimples appear and you can’t understand why, it may well be that your brushes need a little bit of TLC.

Hold your brush with the bristles facing downwards at all times. You don’t want any water running down the bristles and into the handle area as this could loosen the glue that holds the bristles in place and also possibly ruin the handle.

Simply wet the bristles in warm running water and add a little mild soap directly to the bristles of the brush, a mild face wash or baby shampoo would be fine. Massage gently until you see any colour being washed out, keeping the bristles facing downwards. Repeat until clean and rinse thoroughly in warm water.

Carefully take off excess water by either placing in kitchen roll or a clean towel and squeeze, do this several times – whatever you do squeeze don’t wring! Leave to finish drying by laying flat (remember, no bristles facing upwards) on kitchen paper before putting them away.

Note: If you only have one brush that you are using for applying several powders, you may want to apply your makeup before washing it and allow it to dry during the day. Otherwise washing it late evening and letting it dry overnight might be more suited to you.

Spot Cleaning - Anytime In Between Your Deep Clean

If you use one brush for applying several powders of different colours, you may want to give it a quick clean in between use. This is called spot cleaning, it is much faster and not as thorough as a deep clean but will help keep your brushes from holding different colours within the bristles and then depositing them on your face where you don't want them!

One way is to use a commercially bought brush cleaner specifically designed to clean cosmetic brushes, they contain ingredients that dry the brush quickly after cleaning. Many people use makeup remover wipes to spot clean, myself included, I find this works quite well and my brushes still have all their bristles! If you choose to use makeup remover wipes, your brushes will take a little time to dry but nowhere near as long as deep cleaning them. Lastly is the use of a microfibre cloth. Unless I have missed something, this last one would not clean your brush, just rid it of any powders that have collected in the bristles - correct me if I'm wrong though!

Other Brushes

Eyeshadow, eyeliner and lip brushes should all be washed in the same way as your other brushes but on a more regular basis. For eyeshadow and lip brushes every two days, of course if you are interchanging your colours and only have one brush for the job you will want to spot clean after each use. For eyeliner brushes you may want to consider every day cleaning.