Which Colour Ingredients For Which Products/U-Makeitup

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Which Colour Ingredients For Which Products?


Matte Foundation

Iron Oxides to blend main colour

  • Yellow
  • Red
  • Brown
  • Black

Shimmer foundations

Coloured beige or brown micas

Shimmer Blushers

Coloured micas

  • Lilacs
  • Pinks
  • Bronze etc
  • A combination of iron oxide and coloured micas

Matte Blushers

Iron oxides

  • Red iron oxide
  • Brown iron oxide


  • Violet, pink etc
  • Manganese Violet

Shimmer Eyeshadows

Coloured micas

Interference colours (work best when added to darker bases)

Microfine glitters any colours

Matte Eyeshadows

Iron oxides, any colours of your choice on their own or combined


Green for neutralising red

Yellow Iron Oxide for neutralising purple

Apricot (yellow iron oxide + red iron oxide + white base) for neutralising blue

Lavender (red iron oxide + ultramarine blue + white base) for neutralising yellow

Mineral/Finishing Veil

It’s very easy to colour a mineral/finishing veil if you have already made a mineral foundation. Take the powder or powders that you are using for your veil and add a small amount of your foundation colour just enough to tint it, then blend together.

If you don’t have a mineral foundation available then you would use iron oxides to colour it, the same as you would for a foundation but in very small quantities.


Iron oxides, Ultramarines and a huge variety of coloured micas apart from those containing Chromium Green which is not permitted for use on the lips in Europe.

Nail Polish

- Colour micas of any colour on their own or combined

- Solvent resistant glitters

- Interference colours