Pressing Powders Using Jojoba Oil/U-Makeitup

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Pressing Eyeshadows Using Jojoba Oil

The following instructions are for pressing eyeshadows with Jojoba Oil into our 25mm eyeshadow tins. If you are using larger or smaller tins purchased elsewhere, then you will need to adjust the formulation and equipment used accordingly.  

You will need the following:

4 x 25mm Tins

6g Pot of 'Easy Press' Eyeshadow Base

4g of our Coloured Mica or 1g each of different colours

96 Drops of Jojoba Oil, 24 drops per tin

Double Ended Measuring Spoon

Small Cosmetic Spatulas

Small Pressing Clamp

You will also need something round to use as a pressing tile. A 50 cent coin fits the base of our tins well and to make the final press of the surface you can use the underside of a spare tin. Place the coin in the tin first before pressing the surface otherwise the clamp will dent the tin.

1.To press your first tin, take 1.5g of 'Easy Press' Eyeshadow Base and 1g of our Coloured Mica and mix them together well.

2.Add six drops of Jojoba Oil to the mixed powders and stir in. Don't stir as though you are adding sugar to a cup of coffee, much better to use a 'folding and slicing' action (see note at bottom of page). Continue adding 6 drops at a time, 'folding and slicing' after each addition until all of the Jojoba Oil has been used. Normally you will need to use around 24 drops in total which is around 1.0g in weight.

Note: Place each drop in a separate place on the powder surface rather than placing all three drops in one place.

3.Your powder mixture should now have the consistency of damp sand.

4.Allow this mixture to stand in the mixing vessel for 10 minutes.

5.Pour one third the mixture into the 25mm tin, spread it out to cover the tin evenly and cover with a small piece of cling film.

6.Place your pressing tile on top of the cling film and line up your Pressing Clamp over the Pressing Tile. Twist the clamp leaver until the clamp head makes good contact with the tile and then make a half twist to press. You may need to practice this to get a feel for what a good press is but it is important not to over press.

7.Check whether it is pressed well enough by removing the Pressing Tile and cling film.

8.Add the remaining two thirds, one third at a time by following the instructions from step 5.

Note: A 'folding and slicing' action is a very efficient way of incorporating the Jojoba Oil into the powder  mixture. Fold a few times as though you are turning eggs in a frying pan and then slice through the powder as though drawing small vertical lines with a pencil. If done correctly, this action ensures that the powder and oil are combined well and will negate any cracking.

However should your mixture be too dry after pressing, then this is very easy to correct. Just tip the contents of the eyeshadow tin back into your mixing vessel and add Jojoba Oil a drop at a time, using the same 'folding and slicing' action until a damp sand consistency is reached.

Then continue from step 3.