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Q: How can I find out how much the shipping on my order will cost before I checkout?
A: We offer a fixed flat rate shipping cost, no mater the size of your order. Please see 'Delivery Info' for full information.
Q: What methods of payment do you accept?
A: Our online payment gateway is handled by PayPal. You may checkout using your PayPal account or any credit card that is supported by PayPal in your region of the EU.  
Q: I have a favourite coloured mica but would like a shade slightly darker to compliment it. Can I make it darker and how?
A: Absolutely, the easiest way by far is to add a little black mica. Keep adding pinch by pinch until you reach the desired shade. If you want a shade slightly lighter just add a tiny amount of your base powder or one of the white micas and shake or stir thoroughly. Just remember that if you choose to add base powder to lighten, you will also make your eyeshadow a little more matte.
Q: I love your coloured micas, they are so vibrant - can yours be used as an eyeshadow just as they are or do I need to add something?
A: You could use them just as they are but you wouldn't want to, as they wouldn't stay on your eyes for very long. Coloured micas are meant to have other ingredients added and in the case of eyeshadow it would be a base that included powders with good adhesion.
Q: I have very sensitive skin that is easily irritated by a lot of makeup. Will mineral makeup cause my skin to become irritated?
A: Mineral makeup is recommended by many Dermatologists and Surgeons for use on skin that is problematical or recovering. It is gentle and many of the powders used will actually calm and heal the skin but as a precautionary measure, we would always recommend that a patch test be carried out first if you have never used certain ingredients, particularly if you have very sensitive skin.
Q: Are all your products vegan friendly?
A: Yes, all except for Silk Powder
Q: Can your Silk Powder be used in lotions?
A: No, our Silk Powder is not water soluble.
Q: Can your coloured micas be used in oil and butter formulations?                            
A: Our coloured micas disperse very well in oil and are suitable for all oil and/or wax formulations.
Q: Can your coloured micas be used in water?                                                                  
A: Our coloured micas are water insoluble but if your formulation contains very little water in relation to oils then our micas may work, however we would recommend purchasing small sample pots for testing first.
Q: Are there some ingredients contained in any of your Coloured Micas that are not regulated for use in certain cosmetics?
A: Most of our colours can be used in all cosmetic applications without restriction. However some of our colours do contain Chromium Oxide Green and this ingredient is not approved for use in lip products within the EU. 
Q: Are there any regulations as to how much of your Coloured Mica may be used in a cosmetic?
A: Within the EU there are no limitations on the amount of cosmetic grade coloured mica that may be used in any cosmetic.
Q: How much of your Coloured Mica should I use?
A: This depends on the cosmetic product that you are making and also the final effect you wish to achieve. Below are our guideline usage rates for the formulation of various products. The lower end of the percentage range will result in a more subtle colour with low sheen and the higher end will give a vibrant colour with high sheen. 
Recommended use level 
10 - 20 %
Lip balms
3 - 5 %
Lip gloss
3 - 4 %
Pressed Eyeshadows
40 - 60 %
Loose Powder Eyeshadows
60 - 75 %
1 - 5 %
Face powders
1 - 5 %
Body powders 
1 - 3 %
Nail Varnish 
8 - 12 %
CP Soaps
3 - 5 %
M&P Soaps
1 - 3 %
Liquid Soap
0.2 - 1 %
Shower gel
0.01 - 0.5 %
Skin gel
0.05 - 1 %
Body lotions
1 - 3 %
Q: Can your cosmetic grade microfine glitter be used in all cosmetic applications?
A: Yes without any restriction but they are not solvent resistant.