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Coloured Micas For CP Soap

All our highest purity cosmetic grade CP Soap coloured micas have been formulated to be tolerant to very high pH environments. They will not morph and look stunning when used in both CP and M&P soaps. They are all super natural colourants and conform to all EU regulations for use in cosmetics.

Statement: We have received enquiries from some customers who are quite rightly concerned about child labour practices relating to the mining of mica in India. We never have and nor do we now source or stock any products at all from India. You can rest assured that any product you may purchase in this store has not been the subject of child labour or animal testing.

Coloured micas are very sparkly and when used in M&P their vibrancy and sparkle is magnified even more. When mixed into the opaque batter in cold process soap they loose much of their sparkle but still retain their colour but less saturated. When used to decorate the surface, using many popular techniques such as mica oil swirls, our colours will really make your products stand out from the crowd.

The coloured micas that you see in this category are the most popular colours used regularly in CP soap by our wonderful community of soapers. We always love to see our customers creations, so please do send us your photographs.

Suggested usage rates:-

CP Bases - 1.0% to 5.0% calculated by total weight depending on the desired colour intensity.

Opaque M&P Bases - 1.5% to 2% calculated by total weight. This equates to 3tsps to 5tsps of Coloured Mica per 500g of base depending on the desired colour intensity.

Clear Translucent Bases- 0.25% to 0.5% calculated by total weight. This equates to ½tsp to 1tsp of Coloured Mica per 500g of base depending on the desired colour intensity.

If you are not familiar with coloured micas and would like to learn a little more, then you can read about them here.

If you would like to test a wide variety of our colours before you buy you will find that our discounted Coloured Mica Collections also make excellent testing packs.

If you would like to compare different shades or just see one of the colours in a different environment, then you may find our skin views useful. 

If you are a business looking to purchase our coloured micas in bulk please go here to open a wholesale account: www.purerockcolours.eu