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Coloured Mica World

As the largest supplier of cosmetic grade coloured micas in Europe we place great importance on the quality of our products and all of our highest purity cosmetic grade coloured micas are approved for use in all cosmetic products without restriction apart from the colours containing Chromium Oxide Green, which are not approved for use on the lips. 

Statement: We have received enquiries from some customers who are quite rightly concerned about child labour practices relating to the mining of mica in India. We never have and nor do we now source or stock any products at all from India. You can rest assured that any product you may purchase in this store has not been the subject of child labour or animal testing.

We are proud of our products and openly display all ingredients. Please download the TDS for each colour giving full technical information.

So whether you are looking for a colourant to use in eye shadows, lipsticks, lip gloss, nail varnish, soaps, bath bombs, lotions etc.. we have over 100 beautiful colours for you to choose from.

If you are not familiar with coloured micas and would like to learn a little more, then you can read about them here.

Our coloured micas are all, without exception, suitable for vegans and just as with all of our other products, they are very much cruelty free. 

Here you can see skin views of our coloured micas.

Packaging for 25g to 450g is in resealable food grade griplock bags, 5g sizes are packed in our exclusive U-Makeitup pots.

If you are a business looking to purchase our coloured micas in bulk please go here to open a wholesale account: www.purerockcolours.eu